Each July the Club hosts the Duluth Regatta. The race brings teams here from the Midwest and Canada for a thrilling day on Duluth’s waterfront.

The Duluth Rowing Club has deep roots in Duluth.

Few Duluth organizations have roots as deep in the life of our city as the Duluth Rowing Club. It’s as much a part of Duluth as the hillside, docks and bridges. For over a century, the sight of the grace and beauty of a crew swinging together on the water has charmed visitors and residents alike. Like our rugged hills and working waterfront, this active rowing club contributes to our unique northern Minnesota story.

The Duluth Rowing Club of today is dedicated to promoting the sport of rowing, youth development, and health and fitness. It provides programs for all ages and athletic abilities. Recreational and competitive programs offered by the Club include:

THE JUNIOR ROWING PROGRAM (age 13-18): Over 100 boys and girls participate annually in this structured summer program that runs each weekday morning from June through August. Youth of every level of fitness are welcome and can choose to row competitively or recreationally. Junior crews regularly compete in regional regattas each summer, and some youth have competed nationally.

ADULT LEARN TO ROW CLASSES (age 18 and older): Offered throughout the summer, the classes encourage members of the community to experience rowing and they teach techniques that will allow participants to continue rowing once they complete the sessions.

ADULT RECREATIONAL ROWING (age 18 and older): For adults who have completed a Learn to Row class, the Club offers supervised recreational rowing on weekday evenings throughout the summer and fall.

ADULT COMPETITIVE ROWING (age 18 and older): For men and women who wish to compete in regional, national, or international races, the Club offers early morning and evening rowing opportunities. Masters competitions (age 27+) allow rowers to race others in the same age group or in races handicapped by age. In recent years, Duluth Masters rowers have won a number of national and world championship races.

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Rowing benefits our children and grandchildren.

Rowing is one of the few non-contact team sports for youth. There are no concussions, twisted ankles or broken legs. As a full body fitness activity, rowing demands maximum energy and perfect synchronization.

Rowing brings our young people outdoors and builds teamwork, desperately needed at a time when young people face increasing rates of obesity and isolation.

The Duluth Rowing Club is financially sound.

DRC logo bwThe Duluth Rowing Club is a financially sound 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in good standing. It is supported by memberships, fundraising events, and donor contributions. Youth memberships are affordable for families, with youth scholarships available to encourage all young people to be part of the Duluth Rowing Crew.

Seasonal rowing coaches are the only Club paid staff. Dedicated volunteers maintain the boathouse, coordinate events, raise funds, and manage the organization. A volunteer Board of Directors oversees all Club operations.

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