The new boathouse will be built over the water.

The Joseph M. Krmpotich Boathouse will be built over the water with steel pilings to withstand harbor waves and winter ice. Crews will be able to load and unload the valuable shells with plenty of room to maneuver. Natural light will fill the sturdy metal building. Instead of two cramped storage bays like in the old boathouse, the new boathouse will have three bays. Boat racks will be custom built for today’s shells, not strung together with two-by-fours. Crews will get their boats down to the water without damage. Finally, the Club will be able to store most of its shells safely indoors.

The new clubhouse will be built on land.

The Club’s property allows enough space for a building with locker rooms, a full repair bay, and an additional boat storage bay for smaller single and double shells. The locker rooms will be big enough for today’s needs, including full accessibility for persons with disabilities. For the first time in decades, the Club will have a space for proper training and team meetings.

Both new buildings are essential to accommodate a modern rowing program in our community.

What will it cost to build the new Duluth Rowing Center?

Phase I

Engineering and architectural fees — $50,000
Site preparation/boathouse construction — $480,000

Phase II

Demolition of old boathouse — $35,000

Phase III

Clubhouse construction — $175,000
Site preparation and landscaping — $180,000
Docks — $30,000
Standard equipment — $50,000

Total project estimate — $1,000,000


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